Write about the spread of Buddhism and Jainism in Telangana region

Write about the spread of Buddhism and Jainism in Telangana region?

The Buddhism and Jainism which were started in North East India, in no time spreaded to South India also. In Telangana many Buddhist and Jain settlements were there. Buddhism had more following than Jainism in Telangana region.

Shaatavaahana kings, Ekvakus, Vishnukunds, Vakatakas patronized Buddhism. After this period the patrinisation was limited. Some of Badami Chalukyas, Kalyani Chalukyas, Kakatiyas, Eastern Chalukyas, and Vijayanagara kings patronized Buddhism. Here point to be noted it, there were no quarrels between Jains and Buddhists.

Buddhism flourished in South during Shaatavaahana period. Common people also followed Buddhism. 1. Tirumalagiri,    2. Ramireddy Palli      3. Phanigiri      4. Dhoolikatta etc. places Shaatavahana period Sthupas, Chaithyas and Viharas are found. Due to recentment on Vedic religion, people started following Buddhism. It was a revolutionary religion which was followed like a movement.

In Haala’s ‘Gaatha Saptha Shati’, Worship of Buddha’s  feet was mentioned.

Gouthamiputhra Shaatakarni and his mother made many donations to Buddhists.

Ekshvaku kings also patronized Buddhism. Buddhism spread rapidly during the reign of Matariputhra Veerapurusha Dutta. Nagarjuna Konda became a Buddhist center. Due to the influence of Mahaayaana Buddhism, Buddha started to be worshiped in idol form. Buddha, a socio-religious reformer became God and later he was made one of the incarnations of Lord Vishnu.

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