Write about the administrative system of Qutb Shahis

Write about the administrative system of Qutb Shahis

QutbShahi ruled rueld Deccan from 1518 to 1686. Qutb Shahis won the hearts of their subjects with benevolent rule. They did not show caste and language distionction.QutbShahis are ideal for present day rulers in many ways.

Sources to Qutb Shahi period: Basatin us Salatin (Amal Naamah) authored by Mirza Ibrahim Juberi, Khafi Khan’s Mutaqab ul Lubab, contemporary Arabic, Persian and Telugu works, and account of Italian traveler Tavernier are sources to know the history of Qutb Shahi period.

Central Government: Sultan is the head of central government. He is sovereign and all the power is vested in his hands. Qutb Shahi sultans proclaimed themselves as the representatives of God on Earth (Zil e Ilah, Shadow of God on Earth). Sultan’s coronation ceremony, birthday and marriages were celebrated pompuously. Even neighbouring kings sent gifts to Sultans on those occasions.

Mazlis e Diwandari (Council of Ministers): Mazlis e Diwandari played important role in Qutb Shahi administration. It constitutes powerful ministers and officers. Even Sultan respected the decisions of Mazlis e Diwandari. During Ibrahim Qutbshah period, this council was called ‘Mazlis Kingash’.

Peshwa / Wakil / Prime Minister: Peshwa was considerd as the right hand man of Sultan. Most turstest and most experienced person was appointed as Peshwa.

Important Qutbshahi Peshwas:

Mustafa Khan Arabisthani during the reign of Ibrahim Qutb Shah.

Shaik Mohammad Ibn e Khathun, during the reign of Abdullah Qutb Shah.

Madanna during the reign of Abul Hasan Tanisha. By this time Peshwa was called as Diwan. Peshwa’s salary was 12,000 Hons.

Kingdom – Taraf – Sarkar – Paragana – Villages

Kingdom was divided into Taraf. Tarafdar was its head.

Tarafs were divided inot Sarkars. Its head was Fauzdar.

Sarkars were divided into Paraganas. Its head was Tahasildar.


Mir Jumla / Finance Minister:

Ain – ul – Mulk / Defence Minister:

Nazir / Enforcer of public morals and Minister of Law:

Mazumdar / Auditor General:

Dabir: Incharge of spy system and news agency.

Kotwal: Head of Police department.


State Government:

Local Government:

Taluk Administration:

Land Revenue system during Qutb Shahis:

Judicial Administration:

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