Write about Srimukha

Question: Write about Srimukha?

Ans: Ans: Simukha / Srimukha was the founder of Satavahana dynasty. Simuka ruled between 230 B.C. – 200 B.C. According to Matsya purana he ruled for 23 years. Satavahana kingdom was constructed on the ruins of Mauryan kingdom. After the death of Ashoka, Srimukha proclaimed independence.

Srimukha’s coins are found in Kotilingala, Karimnagar district, Telangana. These coins consist of the name Chimuka, and Shimuka.

Famous historian P.V. Parabhrahma Sastry confirmed that, the coins belong to Srimukha, the founder of Satavahana dynasty. Previously historians opined that Simuka’s capital was Prathishtaanapura / Paitan. After studying latest findings historians concluded that Kotilingala of Karimnagar district was Srimukha’s capital.

Coins issued by Simkha are ‘Ranagobhadra’, ‘Ranagoswamy’.

Simukha defeated Maharathi Thranakairo, leader of Maharashtra Rathakas, and married Thranakairo’s daughter Naganika to his son Shatakarni I.

During the early days of his life he was a follower of Jainism, later Srimukha started following Vedic religion.

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