Write about Satakarni I

Question: Write about Satakarni I?        

Give an account of Naneghat inscription?


Ans: Satakarni I was the third ruler of Satavahana dynasty. He was son of Srimukha, 1st king of Satavahana dynasty.

Naneghat inscription was issued by Devi Naganika, wife of Satakarni I. It was issued after the death of Satakarni I.

Naneghat inscription was issued in early 1st century B.C.

Devi Nayanika / Naganika was the daughter of the Maharathi Tranakayiro Kalalaya, clan of the Amgiya (Ambhiya) family.

According to Naneghat inscription Satakarni performed two Aswamedha sacrifices to proclaim his sovereignty.

            In Naneghat inscription she described Satakarni I as Dakshinapadapathi (Lord of Dakshinapatha), Aprathihatha Chakravarthi (wielder of the unchecked wheel of Sovereignty).

Satakarni I was succeeded by his minor son Vedasri (Khandasiri or Skandasri). Devi Naganika acted as regent.

Titles of Nananika mentioned in the inscription are 1. Yajnahutha dhoopana sughandaya   2. Dighvratha sundhaya.

Eight persons’ life size sculptures are there in Naneghat cave. The images were completely destroyed only names are visible to us.

The persons mentioned in Naneghat inscription were:

  1. Raya Simuka – Satavahano sirimato
  2. Devi-Nayanikaya rano cha
  3. Siri-Satakanino
  4. Kumaro Bhaya ……..
  5. (unclear)
  6. Maharathi Tranakayiro.
  7. Kumaro Hakusiri
  8. Kumaro Satavahano


Religion: The Naneghat records have proved very important in establishing the history of the region. Vedic Gods like Dharma Indra, Chandra and Surya are mentioned here. The mention of Samkarsana (Balarama) and Vasudeva (Krishna) indicate the prevalence of Bhagavata tradition of Hinduism in the Satavahana dynasty.

Vedic Gods Indra, Surya, Chandra, Yama, Varuna and Kubera also mentioned in Naneghat inscription.

They present the world’s oldest known numeration symbols for “2, 4, 6, 7, and 9” that resemble modern era numerals, particularly the modern Nagari script.

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