Write about Sammakka – Saarakka (Saaralamma)

Write about Sammakka – Saarakka (Saaralamma)

It was about 6-7 centuries ago when a group of tribals who went hunting into the forest found a baby girl lying amidst emitting light. The head of the tribe adopted her raised her. He got her married to feudatory tribal chief of Kakatiyas. They had three children, Saarakka, Nagulamma and Jampanna.

Their region faced a severe drought which dried up their lakes resulting in their head Pagididda Raju (husband of Sammakka) failing to pay their share of tribute to the Kakatiya King Pratapa Rudra. In turn the King Pratapa Rudra sent his army to collect the tribute from tribals. This resulted in a war between the Kakatiyas and tribals. Everyone from Saarakka to Jampanna lost their lives in the battle trying to protect their section.

Upon hearing this, Sammakka too joined the forces and fought valiantly and ransacked the Kakatiya army. Shocked by her bravery, the Kakatiya king visited the tribe for peace talks. Being furious about the loss of her tribe, family and people, Sammakka refused to come to terms and continued to fight. She pledged to her people that as long as she is alive she would protect them. She in turn cursed that the Kakaitya kingdom would perish soon. After being seriously injured in the battle and sending away the Kakatiya army, she walked into the forest towards Chilakala Gutta.

When the tribals went in search for her, they only found a box containing vermillion (Kumkum), few bangles and a pug mark of a tigress. To their surprise this was the exact place where they found as a baby girl in the forest. Since then the tribes have been hosting a festival in her remembrance for her bravery in protecting their tribe.

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