Write about Madhava Varma II of Vishnukund dynasty

Write about Madhava Varma II of Vishnukund dynasty

Madhava Varma II 440 A.D. – 495 A.D.

Title – Janaashraya.

Greatest among the Vishnukund kings was Madhava Varma. He fought and won more than 100 battles. As a mark of his victory in each battle, he installed a Shiva linga on Keesaragutta. He has also built Ramalingeshwara swami temple at every place where he won the battle. Even today these Ramalingeshwara temples built at Velpuru, Ipur, Indrapala Nagaram, and Keesaragutta are receiving acts of worship.

Some of the victories of Madhava Varma II:

Madhava Varma  occupied Kalinga, with the help of Prabhakara, his relative and ruler of Gunapasa Puram.

Madhava Varma defeated Pallavas in his 33rd regnal year. Expanded upto Gundlakamma river.

Madhava Varma defeated the last ruler of the main Vakataka line, Prithvisena and married his daughter VakatakaDevi. In the west, the Vakataka Kings of Maharashtra were very powerful.

Vishnukunds and Pallavas wer always engaged in wars. Hence, in order to prevent the Pallava invasions, Madhava Varma II shifted capital to Denduluru pura, located near Vengi. He also raised the wall and strengthened the fort of Amarapuri, which was his 1st capital.

Deva Varma was Madhava Varma’s son. Deva Varma was appointed as the viceroy of Amarapuri.

Extent of Mahava Varma’s kingdom.

East –Bay of Bengal

West – Arabian sea.

North – Reva, Narmada river.

South – Southern sea. May be Pulicat lake.

One of Madhava Varma’s inscriptions was found in Maharashtra.

Vishnukunds’ coins were found in all over Maharashtra.

Title of Madhava Varma – Trivara nagara Bhavnagata sundari hridaya nandana.

In order to announce his victories Madhava Varma had performed 11 Ashvamedha sacrifices, 16 Rajasuya sacrifices and thousand sacrifices such as Vajapeya, Purushamedha and others. This is mentioned in Vishnukund inscriptions.

Even Gods have appreciated his judicial systems.

Janashraya Chando vichhithi was authored by Madhava Varma II. It a book on Chandas / Metre.

Many rulers, including Kakatiyas, considered him as the real founder of Vishnukund dynasty.

  1. Vikramendra Varma I

Son and successor of Madhava Varma II.

Title – Vishnukundi Vaakaataka Vamsha dwaya alankaara Janma. He got the title as he was son of Madhava Varma II and Vakataka devi.

Title – Mahaakavi. As he was more interested in literary activity, his son Madhava Varma III proclaimed independence at Amarapuram.

  1. Madhava Varma III

Madhava Varma III completely exterminated Kandaara / Andanda Gothrika dynasty.

Title – Trikuta Malayaadhipa. After exterminating Kandaara dynasty, he took this title.

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