Write about Maatariputhra Veerapurusha Datta

Write about Maatariputhra Veerapurusha Datta?

Maataree Puthra Sree Veera Purusha Datta  233 A.D. – 253 A.D.

S/o Shanthamoola.

His inscriptions are found at Nagarjuna konda, Jaggaiah peta, Uppugundooru, and Alluru.

Greatest among the Ekshwakas.

Made matrimonial alliances with the contemporary rulers and established stability.

Acc. Nagarjuna konda inscription he had 5 wives.

  1. Daughter of Shanthisri.

2 and 3. Bapisri and Shashtisri – D/o Harmyasri.

  1. Rudhra Bhattarika. Princess of Saka Kshathrapa. Descendant of Chastana.
  2. Mahaadevi Bhattideva.

Kodabalisri – Only daughter of Maatari puthra Shree veera purusha datta.

According to Kodabalisri inscription – She was married to  Vishnu Rudra Shivalaananda Shaathakarni of Chutu dynasty, Kunthala kingdom. (Banavasi = Vaijayanthi)

This inscription was issued in the 11th regnal year of Ehuvala Sri Shaanthamoola.

In the beginning Maataree puthra Veera purusha Datta was the follower of Vedic religion. Later he embraced Buddhism.

Maataree puthra Veera purusha Datta’s reign is a golden period for Buddhists.

In one of the statues of Nagarjuna konda, a person is seen stamping shiva linga. It is not of Veerapurusha Datta’s statue. It is a part of Maandhaatha Jaathaka.

Shanthi sri, maternal aunt of Veera purusha datta, constructed a Dhaathugarbha mahaa chaithya at Nagarjuna konda in the 6th regnal year of Veerapurusha datta. She wished the well being of Brahmins, Sramanas and all the subjects.

In the 18th regnal year of Maataree puthra Veera purusha Datta, she issued another inscription wishing the well being of her nephew, Maataree puthra Veera purusha Datta.

Due to Shanthisri , Ekshwaka kings and queens patronized Buddhism.

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