Write about Khaaravela Haathigumpha inscription

Write about Khaaravela? / Write about Haathigumpha inscription?

The land between the two rivers Mahanadi and Godavari is called Kalinga. Kharavela ruled Kalinga between. Kharavela belongs to Mahaa Megha Vaahana dynasty. (Some misunderstand it as “Chedi dynasty” based on a misreading of his father’s name “Cheta-raja”).

We get information about Khaaravela from his Haathigumpa inscription. Hathigumpha literal meaning is ‘elephant cave’. This elephant cave / haathigumpa is located in Udayagiri hill, near Bhuvaneshwar, Orissa.

Kharavela ruled from last quarter of 1st century B.C. He was the contemporary of Satakarni I of Satavahana dynasty. Kharavela was one of the greatest rulers of Kalinga.

Kharavela’s titles – 1. Maharaja          2. Kalingaadhipathi     3. Bhikshu Raja           4. Musikadhipathi.

During the reign of Satakarni I, Kharavela invaded on Asika Nagar and Pithunda nagara. He mentioned that he invaded upto Kanhavemna (River Krishna). After conquering Pithunda, he destroyed the city.

Khaaravela invaded on Magadha kingdom and brought back the 24 Jain Thirthankar idols, which were once taken away by Nanda kings, To Kalinga.

Kharavela followed Jainism. Kharavela dedicated Udayagiri caves to Jain monks.

Mahaavijaya Prasaadam, a building constructed by Khaaravela.

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