Write about Junagadh inscription

Write about Junagadh inscription

Rudradaman a Kardhamaka Saka ruler issued Junagad inscription in 150 A.D. Junagad inscription is the 1st Sanskrit inscription.

Rudradaman was contemporary to Shaatavaahana ruler Pulomavi I / Vasistaputhra Pulomavi.

With the help of Chastana, Rudradaman defeated Pulomavi I and captured Saurashtra, Malva an Kach regions.

Twice Rudradaman defeated Vasistaputhra Pulomavi. Due to closeness with him, he spared Pulomavi I’s life. Rudradaman gave his daughter Rudradamanika in marriage to Shivasri Shaatakarni, son of Vasistaputhra Pulomavi.

Junagardh rock inscription of western satrap ruler Rudradaman I, gives details about Sudarshana Lake. This rock was used for three inscriptions – 1. Ashoka’s 14th major rock edict, Rudradaman I and Skanda Guptha.

According to Junagadh inscription Chandra Guptha Maurya conquered Gujarath and appointed Vaishya Pushya Guptha as his representative. Vaishya Pushya Guptha dug Sudarshan Lake. When Rudradaman getting the lake repaired, he gave the previous details also.

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