Write about the history of Golconda

Write about Golconda

As per legends, an idol was found in the area (now known as Golconda Fort) by a shepherd. Soon after, Kakatiyan king was informed about the same, and he gave the order to build a mud fort around the idol. The fort came to be known as “Golla Konda”¬†which meant Shepherd’s Hill in Telugu.

The Golconda fort was erected in the year 1143 under the Kakatiya Dynasty. However, it rose to prominence when it came under the rule of Qutub Shahi Dynasty during the 16th century, i.e. when Quli Qutub Shah declared his independence from the Bahmani Sultanate in 1518. The striking fort since then expanded from a mud fortress to a lofty structure to having a 10 km outer wall. After a failed attempt in the year 1686, the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb was finally able to breach the impregnable fort in 1687 after a long nine-month siege.

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