Write about Amaravathi style of Architecture?

Write about Amaravathi style of Architecture?

The elements of Amaravathi style of architecture are first seen in Sanchi sthupa. This architectural style reached to the zenith in Amaravathi stupa. Civilized life is depicted in Amaravathi style of architecture.

Amaravathi was a place which was centre for a unique architectural style. Amaravthi is located 32kilometres away from Guntur. It is located on the banks of river Krishna. Mahadeva, a Buddhist saint sent to south by Ashoka, made Amaravathi his as centre. Amaravthi style of architecture was widespread in south India and South East Asian countries.

Gudimallam temple is located near Renigunta, in Chittor district. Gudimallam is the most ancient Shiva temple. It was build based on Amaravathi style of architecture.


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