World History Question paper September October 2020

World History Question paper September October 2020

B.A. VI – Semester (According to old syllabus) (CBCS) Examination, Sept. / Oct. 2020
Subject: History
(DSC) Paper – VII: World History (1815 – 1950 CE)
PART – A                       Time: 2 Hours                       Max.Marks: 80

Note: Answer any four questions. (4×5=20 Marks)
1 Metternich
2 Joseph Mazzini
3 Treaty of Versailles
4 Lenin
5 Mustafa Kamal Pasha
6 The Great Economic Depression
7 Cold War
8 Sun-yat-Sen
PART – B                                           Note: Answer any three questions. (3×20=60 Marks)
9 Trace the stages in the unification of Italy.

10 Discuss the Blood and Iron Policy of Bismarck.
11 Brief about the factors responsible for the outbreak of First World War.
12 Write about objectives of League of Nations and its achievements.
13 Explain the achievements of Hitler during the years 1933 – 39.
14 Discuss the causes for the rise of Militarism in Japan.
15 Discuss the causes and results of Second World War.
16 Describe the role of Gandhi in Indian National Movement between 1920 – 1947.

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