World History question paper November December 2020 CDE

World History question paper November December 2020 CDE
M.A. (CDE) Final Examination, November / December 2020                           Subject: History                            Code No. 15149

Paper – V                                                           World History 1871 – 1964


Time: 2 Hours Max.Marks: 80
Note: This paper will be evaluated for 100 marks for the candidates not having Internal Assignment.
PART – A (4×5 = 20 Marks)
Answer any four questions.
1 Imperialism
2 Eastern Question
3 The Great Economic Depression
4 Militarism in Japan
5 World Labour Organization
6 Security Council
7 Warsaw Pact
8 Korean Crisis
PART – B (4×15 = 60 Marks)
Answer any four questions.
9 What are the main feature of New Imperialism in 1871 – 1914.

10 Describe the conditions of Europe on the eve of the out break of First World War.
11 Explain the origin and importance of secret alliances.
12 What are the causes and results of First World War?
13 Write an essay on Fascism.
14 Describe the rise of Nazism.
15 Describe the balance of power in Europe.
16 Explain the influence of Meji rule for the modernization in Japan.
17 Define the causes led to the outbreak of Second World War.
18 Discuss the achievements of UNO.

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