Webinar Topic: Philosophical Counselling

Webinar Topic: Philosophical Counselling

👉Date: 26/08/2020
👉Time: 5:00 PM

Under Sponsorship of ICPR, MHRD, GoI, Panjab University Chandigarh is organizing the first International Webinar Series on Philosophical Counselling in India.
The Program is a part of Study Circle “Elenchus” whereby a series of lectures in the domain of Experimental Philosophy, Philosophical Counselling and Cognitive Sciences are being conducted.

Registrations are Invited for participation in International Webinar on
👉 Philosophical Counselling
by Department of Philosophy, Panjab University, Chandigarh
under Study Circle “Elenchus” sponsored by ICPR, New Delhi.
Lecture No. 2 & 3

Convener: Dr Shivani Sharma

📲 Registration Link: https://forms.gle/heXmgcCepFiNof8TA
📓Telegram Group: https://t.me/joinchat/RzQpsxgS4UxJJSszHMPLaw
💻YouTube Streaming Link: https://youtu.be/pB0XWoOwJfo

Note: Certificates will be provided to participants who will attend the Webinar on YouTube with registered email id and fill the feedback form.

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