Vedic Literature Vedangas

Vedic Literature Vedangas

Vedic Literature Vedangas

Smriti is not meant for chanting. Smriti is meant for memorization.
Vedangas (Veda+ Anga, Limbs of vedas) are part of Smriti literature.
* Shiksha– (Phonetics)
Deals with Phonetics. Connected with correct pronunciation of the words of the Vedas.
* Siksha is tongue of Vedas.
Pratisakya suthra is the earliest book available on Shiksha.
* Niruktha– (Etymology)
Deals with the origin of meaning of the word.
Yaksha of 5th C. B.C. was the first scholar to deal with etymology.
The book Niruktha was written by Yaksha.
* Vyakarana– (Grammar)

             Panini is the 1st known grammarian of India. Graduate of    Taxila(Taxasila,Takshashila) University.
            Lived in Gandhara region. Gandhara lies in Northe west region (Pakisthan and Afghanisthan).        Its capital was Taxila (Present Rawalpinid and Islamabad).
Taxila University was the most ancient University. (6th Century B.C.- 5th Century A.D.)
Jivaka (5ht Century B.C.), Panini (6th Century B.C.), Charaka (1st Century A.D.) were the students of Taxila University.
Panini wrote Ashtadhyayi, 8 chapters.
Ashtadyayi- 1st book on grammar.

* Chchandas– (Metrics)

Pingala was the 1st person in ancient Indian to write on Chchandas.

* Jyothisha– (Astrology)

Lagoda(6th Century B.C.) was the 1st person to write on Jyothishya.

* Kalpa– (Ritual)
Deals with rituals.
Kalpa has four sub parts called Kalpasuthras.
A. Griha Suthras (Smartha suthras)–Ritual
B. Shrautha suthra———————-Ritual
C. Sulva suthra————————–Ritual
D. Dharma Sutra. ———————– Legal.

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