Telangana History Question paper October 2020

Telangana History Question paper 2                                 Code No. 14356

B.A. VI – Semester (CBCS) Examination, October 2020


(DSE) Paper – VIII: (A) History of Telangana (1724 – 2014 CE)
Time: 2 Hours Max.Marks: 80
Note: Answer any four questions. (4×5=20 Marks)
1 Mir-Mahaboob Ali-Khan
2 Osmania University
3 Kommaraju Lakshmana Rao
4 Hyderabad State Congress
5 Kumaram Bheem
6 Kasim Razvi
7 Sagara Haram
8 Prof. K. Jayashankar

PART – B                    Note: Answer any three questions. (3×20=60 Marks)

9 Discuss the modernization process of Hyderabad under Salar Jung I.
10 Discuss the causes and consequences of the tribal revolts in Hyderabad State.
11 Discuss the role of Press in the cultural awakening in Hyderabad.
12 Describe the activities of Andhra Mahila Sabha.
13 What are the incidents that led to Police Action in 1948?
14 What are the main terms of Gentlemen’s Agreement?
15 State the objectives of Telangana Rashtra Samithi.
16 Discuss the role of Osmania and Kakatiya University students in the struggle for
separate Telangana Statehood.

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