Role of Osmania and Kakatiya Universities Students in achieving separate statehood for Telangana

Role of Osmania and Kakatiya Universities Students in achieving separate statehood for Telangana?

Ans: Political awareness has been at high level in Osmania and Kakatiya Universities’ students from the beginning. Students of Osmania University participated in Indian freedom struggle. Many students emerged as freedom fighters from Osmania University. The students of Osmania University first observed the discrimination of Andhra people and agitated against them. The students of Osmania University has been demanding for separate statehood for Telangana since 1957.

In 1969 Separate Telangana movement, students participated in large number and totally 369 persons sacrificed their lives.

When Janareddy cheated Telangana movement after he was offered Ministry of Agriculture in Kotla Vijayabhaskar Reddy’s cabinet, it was the students who took forward the voice of Telangana.


As a safety valve student Joint Action Committees were formed in Osmania and Kakatiya universities. The idea of forming Joint Action Committees was conceived by these universities’ students.

First JAC was started in Arts college of Osmania University, Hyderabad. These Osmania University students educated the people of every nook and corner of Telangana against the exploitation of Andhra people and instilled Telangana sentiment.

S.C., S.T., B.C., and other categories JAC were formed in Osmania University.

Telangana Students’ Association (Telangana Vidhyarthi Sangham) was formed in August 2006.

The aims of JAC were:

  • Achieving Social Telangana, on the lines of Ambedkar and Phule ideology.
  • Achieving Telangana under the leadership of common people.

Telangana Students’ Association took part in the march of Gaddhar in 2007. This march was conducted from Manuguru in Khammam district to Bellampally in Adilabad district.


Under the leadership of P. Shankar, a research scholar from Osmania University, a meeting was convened in Osmania University Campus. Professor Kodandaram and Vital attended this meeting. On the advice of Professor Kodandaram, Telangana Research Scholars’ Association was formed in 2006.

To make the students participation possible in 2nd phase Telangana movement, Telangana Vidhyarthi Vedika was formed in October 2006. Janjarla Ramesh Babu was the president of Telangana Vidhyarthi Vedika.

Under the leadership of Veeragoni Chaithanya Goud, Telangana Aikya Vidhyarthi Sangham was formed in January 2008.

Osmania University Students’ JAC was formed in November 2009. Ignoring the differences, to bring all the students under one roof for a united fight for Telangana, Osmania University Students’ JAC was formed.

Pidamarthi Ravi was the 1st president of Osmania University Students’ JAC. This JAC united the students of all the colleges.

In the same way Kakatiya University Students’ JAC also formed.


When Supreme Court declared Hyderabad as free zone, Telangana students agitated against it.

On 29th November 2009, when K.C.R. was arrested, students strongly agitated against Andhra biased government. Srikantha Chary, a student, hurt by the arrest of K.C.R., set himself on fire. After fighting with death in hospital for 4days, he breathed last with the slogan ‘Jai Telangana’.

Students’ JAC demanded the MLAs and MPs to resign for their membership to participate in separate Telangana agitation. Students’ agitations in favour of KCR’s fast unto death turned violent.

Government declared holidays for 15days to Osmania University and ordered to shut down hostels and mess, to make students stop the agitation.

On 24th December 2009, Nagam Janardhan reddy of Telugu Desham Party visited Osmania University to express his solidarity to the agitation organized by Osmania University students for separate Telangana. As Telugu Desham Party was against separate statehood to Telangana, students did not like his visit and attacked on him.

In November 2009, KCR participated in the public meeting held at Kakatiya University announced that he is ready to sacrifice his life for achieving separate statehood to Telangana.

Till the end students played active role in formation of Telangana state. Students toured every nook and corner of Telangana and educated all the people against the exploitative policies of Andhra people. Where ever the students went they got a hearty welcome by the people and they provided food and shelter to them during their stay in the village.

Without Osmania and Kakatiya students efforts, achieving separate statehood for Telangana would have become impossible.,

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