Police Action, 1948

Police Action, 1948

On 12th June 1947 C.E., just few months before independence, and when India was sure about independence, Nizam declared himself as sovereign. This implies that he will not accept any external pressure to join in Indian Union. Indian Union talks to convince Nizam to join Indian Union lasted till the last week of June 1948, without any positive result.

Indian Union was planning to invade on Hyderabad State in the last week of July 1948 C.E. Indian Union had to delay it as it was busy with Kashmir issue.

Nizam approached United Nations Organisation expecting to remain independent. Indian Union had to make Nizam accept for its proposal and withdraw his petition from UNO, before discussions are started on it on the evening of 17th September 1948 C.E.

Mohammad Ali Jinnah had passed away on 11 September 1948 C.E.

Indian army invaded on Hyderabad State on 13th September 1948 C.E. As it was illegal attacking a country on another independent country, Indian Union named it as Police Action. The information was passed in same sense to British High Commissioner, Pakistan High Commissioner and American Government. When America invaded on Korea against the Communists over there, America named the operation as Police Action instead of Military Action. Police Action expenditure was shown in the accounts of Health Department.

Lieutenant General Maharaj Singh lead the police action on Hyderabad State. Indian Government made preparations for attacks by Major General J. N. Chowdary from Sholapur, and Major General Rudra from Vijayawada.

El druce was the military commander of Nizam State. He delayed the retaliation and secretly helped Indian Government. With the treachery of El Druce, within a short span of 4 days, Indian army could easily penetrate into Hyderabad and subdued Nizam.

If El Druce had not helped Indian Government, Hyderabad State would have remained either independent or with a special status like Jammu and Kashmir.

On 17th September 1948 C.E., Layak Ali’s ministry resigned and reins were handed over to Nizam Mir Osman Ali Khan.

On the evening of 17th September 1948 C.E., Nizam Mir Osman Ali Khan, in his Radio Deccan, proclaimed his surrender to Indian Union. On this occasion he released Swamy Ramananda Theertha for prison.

On 18th September 1948 C.E., El Druce, Military General of Nizam, surrendered to Major General J.N. Chowdary.

According to military rules, Major General J.N. Chowdary took the reins of Hyderabad State.

On 22nd September 1948 C.E., Nizam Mir Osman Ali Khan withdrew his complaint from UNO Security Council.

Chief of Armed Forces of India during Police Action was General Bucher.

Defense minister of India was Baldev Singh.

17th September 1948 was celebrated in Mharashatra as ‘Maratwada Sangram Mukti Diwas’ and in Karnataka as Separation of Hyderabad and Karnataka.  Indian flags were hoisted in three states.

Patel felt that it is the removal of first cancer in the stomach of the nation.

On 18th September 1948 C.E., Mir Layak Ali, Prime Minister of Nizam government was kept under house arrest by Indian government.

Khasim Rizvi, the leader of Razakars was imprisoned in Tirumalgiri military prison.

Sardar Vallabai Patel visited Hyderabad State after Police Action. Nizam Mir Osman Ali Khan personally received him in Begumpet Airport.

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