Quiz on Indian Currency

Quiz on Indian Currency 1. The word “Rupee” was derived from which one of the following Language? Sanskrit 2. Who introduced Silver coins in India? Sher Shah Suri 3. First Paper Currency in India was published by_____ Federal Bank of India 4. From which year did Reserve Bank of India commence its operations? Since 1935 […]

UGC JRF NET exam History syllabus

UNIVERSITY GRANTS COMMISSIONNET BUREAU Subject: HISTORY                                          Code No.06 SYLLABUS: The History paper consists of all the aspects of Indian History, Pre-history, Ancient period, Medieval Indian history and Modern India including National Movement and post independent phase. It also consists of Historical Method, Research Methodology and Historiography. Since, the subject and the boundaries of Indian history […]

perfect alternatives for most popular chinese apps

perfect alternatives / substitutes for most popular Chinese apps UC mini browser, UC Turbo Browser and Dolphine are Epic Browser , Jio Browser, Google browser. Epic browser features – Video down-loader, Ad blocker and VPN. ——————- Perfect substitutes for the chinese apps  WPS Office WPS PDF, WPS PDF Fill, WPS Office Lite. substitutes – Microsoft […]