OU BA History Semester IV October 2020 question paper

OU BA History Semester IV October 2020 question paper


M.A. IV Semester (CBCS) Examination, October 2020

Subject: History

Paper-III: Tribal and Peasant Movements in India, 19th & 20th Centuries Time: 2 Hours

Max. Marks: 80


Note: Answer any three questions.                                                   (3×4 = 12 Marks)


  1. Nature of Peasant Movements
  2. Savara Uprisings
  3. Indigo
  4. Eka Movement
  5. Role of Leftists


Note: Answer any four questions.                                                  (4×17 = 68 Marks)



  1. What is the significance of Tribal Movements?


  1. What were the Colonial Economic Policies?


  1. Narrate the causes and course of Tribal Revolts in Bengal ad


  1. Write an essay on Rampa


  1. Why the Sanyasi Revolt & Pagan Panthe’s movements have come up in 19thcentury?


  1. Analyse about the Pabna & Deccan Riots?


  1. Discuss the main features of Moplah Peasant


  1. Write an essay on Bardoli


  1. Critically assess the role of Peasants in National


  1. Discuss the attitude of left parties towards


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