Modern Telangana History 17th February 2011 to 4th March 2011– Non – co-operation

History of Modern Telangana

Telangana Udhyama Charithra notes in English

17th February 2011 to 4th March 2011– Non – co-operation:

Actually people started surrounding Collectorates to agitate against the report of Sri Krishna Committee. Slowly this agitation took the form of non-cooperation movement. Keeping in view the Budget meetings, Non-cooperation movement was started. TJAC aspired to liberate the Telangana leaders from the ideological slavery to Andhra people and leaders. During this movement TJAC demanded the political procedure required for the formation of Telangana. This movement lasted for 16days.

On 21st February 2011, in Lokh Sabha, the then President of India, Prathibha Patil’s speech regarding Budget was interrupted by the Congress M.P.s.

As a part of Non-Cooperation movement Telangana bandh was observed on 22 and 23 of February 2011.

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