MA History Telangana History Paper Part II

M.A. History History of Modern Telangana

Chapter I

Short Answers

1Q: Mir Mahabub Ali Khan – Read

2Q: Ramji Gond – Read

3Q: Attack on British Residency – Read

4Q: Salarjung – Read


Long Answer

1Q: Write about Nizam ul Mulk? – Read

How Asafjahi dynasty was founded? – Read

2Q: Give an account of Mir Osman Ali Khan’s administrative reforms? – Read

How Mir Osman Ali Khan modernized Hyderabad State? – Read

3Q: Salarjung’s Reforms – Read

4Q: 1857 Revolt in Hyderabad State / Attack on British Residency – Read

Chapter II

Short Answer

1Q: Ittehad ul Muslimeen / Razakars – Read

2Q: Bhagya Reddy Varma – Read

3Q: Arigay Ramaswamy – Read

4Q: Hiralal Moria – Read

5Q: Kodati Narayana Rao – Read

6Q: Bhurgula Ramakirshna Rao – Read

7Q: Ravi Narayana Reddy – Read

8Q: Suravaram Prathapa Reddy – Read

9Q: Activism of Press in Hyderabad State – Read

10Q: Give an account of Arya Samaj’s role in bringing about socio political awareness in Hyderabad state? – Read

Long Answers

1Q: Write about the role of Andhra Maha Sabha in bringing about political awareness in Hyderabad State? – Read

2Q: Write about the role of ‘Hyderabad State Congress’ in bringing about political awareness in Hyderabad State? – Read

3Q: How library movement brought socio cultural and political awareness among the people of Hyderabad State? – Read

4Q. Write abot the role of Andhra Mahila Sabha in the awakening of Telangana Women – Read

5Q: Vandemaataram Movement in Hyderabad State – Read

6Q: Give a detailed account of Mulki movements? – Read

7Q: What is the role played by Communist Party in Hyderabad state politics? – Read

Write about Telangana peasants’ armed struggle?Read

Chapter III

Q: Komaram Bheem – Read

Q: Razakars and Their Activities – Read

Q: Gentlemen’s Agreement – Read


1Q: Telangana Peasant Armed Struggle? – Read

2Q: Who Indian Government merged Hyderabad State into Indian Union through Police Action, -1948? – Read

3Q: How Hyderabad State was formed? – Formation of Popular ministry in 1952. – Read

4Q. Assertion of Mulki Identity and the City College Incident 1952 – – Read

5Q: How Andra Pradesh was formed? – Read


1Q: What was the contribution of Telangana Jana Sabha towards achieving separate statehood to Telangana? – Read

2Q: Write about the contribution of Telangana Praja Samithi to Telangana movement? – Read

3Q: Give details about Sri Krishna Committee and Its Recommendations? – Read

4Q: What are the consequences of 9th December 2009 Declaration? – Read

5Q: How Telangana State was formed on 2nd June 2014? – Read

6Q. Rail Roko in every village – Read

7Q. 10 March 2011 – Million March – Read

9Q. 21 March 2013 – Sadak Bandh – Read

10Q. 17 February 2011 – Non – co-operation. – Read

11Q. 19 June 2011 – Vanta Vaarpu (Cooking and dining on roads and public places). – Read

12Q. 13 September 2012 – Sakalajanula Samme. – Read

13Q. Sagara Haram / Telangana March – Read

14Q. Chalo Assembly – Read



1Q: Write about the agitation of Telangana people for Separate Telangana State? – Read

2Q: Give an account of the role of Intellectuals, Students and Employees in 1969 Movement? – Read

3Q: Give an account of role of Telangana Rashtra Samithi in the achievement of separate statehood to Telangana? – Read

4Q: Role of Osmania and Kakatiya Universities Students in achieving separate statehood for Telangana? – Read

5Q: How Telangana Political Joint Action Committee was formed and what is its role in the Telangana Movement? – Read

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