Literary sources for the reconstruction of Telangana History

Question: Write about the literary sources for the reconstruction of Telangana History?

Ans: In the last century, D.D. Koshabhi, Romila Thapar, Nilakanta Shastry, Bipin Chandra, Irfan habib, P.V. Parabhrahma Shastry etc., historians, who stood as an example for real history, who gave importance to objectivity, and produced valuable books and articles, which were purely based on facts and stood as an inspiration to younger generation historians. After independence, study of national an dregional history gained importance.


Literary Source:

Native Sources: Aithareya Brahmana, Puranas, Gaatha Saptha Shati by Haala Saarvabhauma, Brihath Katha, Sruhullekha by Acharya Nagarjuna, literary works of Kakatiya period: Prathaparudhra Yashobhooshanam by Vidhyanaatha, Chaatuvus, Meckanji’s scripts, and local historical works.

Puranas mentioned Shaatavaahanas as ‘Andhra Bhrithyas’. In Prakrit language Andhras were called as ‘Andhakas’.

Brahmanda Purana mentioned ‘Andhra Vishnu’ as the ruler of Andhra and Telangana regions.

Foreign Works: Megasthanes was a Greek ambassador at the court of Chandra Guptha Maurya. Megasthanese authored ‘Indica’. Megasthanese mentioned that Andhras had 30 fortified cities.

‘Periplus of the Erythrian Sea’ authored by an unknown sailor and Ptolemy’s ‘Geography’ gave detaisl about South Indians’ trave and trade relations with Greek and other western countries.

Pleny’s work ‘Natural History’ also a good source to know about Telangana.

Marcopolo visited Kakatiya Empire during the reign of Rudrama Devi. He gave valuable information about Kakatiya Empire.

Muslim Writers’ Works: Tariq – e – Alam of Amir khusru gives details about Ala – ud – din’s invasion on Kakatiya Empire.

Khafi Khan, historians of Aurangazeb’s period authored ‘Muntaqab ul lubab’. Muntaqab ul lubab gave details about Aurangazeb’s Deccan policy and his efforts to conquer Golconda fort, which was fulfilled in 1687.

Modern Works: During Asafjahis’ period Suravaram Prathapa Reddy authored ‘Golconda Kavulu’ and ‘Andhrula Saanghika Charithra’.

1st Chief Minister of Hyderabad State, Burgula Ramakrishna Rao authored ‘Uma Khayyum’ and Ravi Narayana Reddy authored ‘Veera Telangana’. All these works are good source to know the history of modern Telangana.

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