Kodaati Narayana Rao

From the childhood Kodaati Narayana Rao decided to sacrifice life for the welfare of mother land and he not only participated in freedom movement, but also rendered his service for Library movement, Co-operation movement, education for adults , eradication of untouchability, reconstruction of village settlements and spreading Gandhian ideology.


Kodaati Narayana Rao is one of the best patriots. Kodaati Narayana Rao was born in Repala village of Munagala Paragana in Nalgonda district, Telangana region on 1914 Decemebr 14. As he came from a poor family he had to face so many hardships during his student life in Hyderabad, but he did not leave his welfare activities. · He established ‘Hyderabad Students Organisation’ during his student life. · He worked as a librarian in ‘Bala Saraswathi Anhdra Basha Nilayam’. ·


In 1930 he worked in Hyderabad District Congress Council. · Participated in agitation against liquor consumption. · During those days we used to import Cloves form Zanzibar and fire works for Diwali festival use from China. Kodaati Narayana Rao fought against such imports. Due to economic hardships Kodaati Narayana Rao could not continue higher education. During those days the people who completed matriculation were most sought after for jobs, but Kodaati Narayana Rao wanted to do something different. He wanted to eke out livelihood while serving the people. So he took training in Co-operative movement. But the job in co-operative department also could not please Kodaati Narayana Rao. Kodaati Narayana Rao joined in the Urdu news paper ‘Rayyath’ run by Mandumula Narsimha Rao. He joined there as the seeker of advertisers. He did not have prior experience in that field, but in a short period of three months, he secured for it more advertisements than any other news paper. This shows his dedication towards work.


Once Kodaati Narayana Rao happened to meet Bhogaraaju Pattabhi Seetha Ramaiah, the treasurer of Indian National Congress (later the founder of Andhra Bank), Ramaiah advised Kodaati Narayana Rao to do a job for livelihood. He advised him not to sacrifice entire life for freedom Movement. In December 1934, 3rd Andhramaha Sabha Session had to be conduct in Khammam. Social reform, eradication of untouchability and Vetti, library movement and organizing widow remarriages were the prime works of Andhramaha Sabha. In those days caste conflicts were very common. If one caste group wants to organize a meeting, the aim of the other caste group would be spoiling it. In such situation, Kodaati Narayana Rao took the task of conducting the Andhramaha Sabha session in Khammam. Kodaati Narayana Rao successfully organized the meeting. All the elders knew the caliber of Kodaati Narayana Rao. From then onwards he started living in Khammam.


Kodaati Narayana Rao established a library named ‘Vignana Niketan’ in Khammam and educated the people about the social consciousness. In those days there are very less educated people in non-Brahmin communities. Due to that reason the library got very poor readership. One more hardship was government did not encourage the libraries. Libraries did not receive any funds from the State. Kodaati Narayana Rao himself read out the books and news papers for the illiterate people. Soon the readership of the library increased leaps and bounds. The Vignana Niketan library became the best library in the state. Due to this popularity he could get the blessings of Jata Vallabhula Purushotham, Boorgula Ramakrishna Rao, Suravaram Prathapa Reddy and other elite people in the society. The youth of Khammam became politically conscious. He also served the society through the Unions like Harijana Seva Sangham, Yuvajana Sangham, Karmika Sangham. In 1938 Hyderabad State Congress called for Sathyagraha Movement. Kodaati Narayana Rao got enlisted his name as the first Sathyagrahi, but Madapati Hanumantha rao advised him not to go to jail. He made him understand the need to work from outside instead of sitting in the jail. Kodaati Narayana Rao took up the tasks of Organiser of the Sathyagraha Movement and a Journalist. During his student life Kodaati Narayana Rao started writing articles for ‘Golconda’ and ‘Bhagyanagar’ news papers. During his days in Khammam he wrote so many articles. By 1938, Kodaati Narayana Rao wrote so many articles for the news paper ‘Andhra Vaani’. He also worked as a journalist for ‘Andhra Prathrika’ and ‘Andhra Prabha’. 9th Andhramaha Sabha was held in 1942 under the presidentship of Maadi Raaju Rama Kotishwara Rao. Moderates could not tolerated the increasing popularity of the Communists. Andhramaha Sabha was divided into two groups. 11th Andhramaha Sabha session was held under the presidentship of Raavi Narayana Reddy. After this Kodaati Narayana Rao, Kaloji Narayana Rao, Komagiri Narayana Rao, M.S. Rajalingam, P.V. Narasimha Rao, Kanchanapalli Venkata Ramarao, K.V. Narasinga Rao became a group and established a Natinal Front under the leadership of Jamalapuram Keshava Rao, defeated the Moderate group and elected their leaders as the president of Andhramaha Sabha. After few years all these leaders joined with Swami Ramananda Theertha of Hyderabad State Congress. In 1946 Kodaati Narayana Rao met Mahathma Gandhi in Khammam. After the police action on Hyderabad State in 1948, Kodaati Narayana Rao started living in Suryapeta. Kodaati Narayana Rao did not leave the co-operative societies completely. He rendered his service to Suryapet Taluk Agriculture Co-operative society, Central Co-operative Society and Central Co-operative bank. After the formation of Andhrapradesh State he worked as a temporary president to the State Level Co-operative Central Society. He increased the standard of the news paper run by the above society. After twenty years from his student life, again he aspired to continue his education and in 1958 he successfully completed M.Phil from Osmania University. Kodaati Narayana Rao’s religious tolerance helped him a lot. The condition of 1940s still sends chills in the spine of Hyderabad state people. In 1947 a muslim youth Mansur saved him from communal riots. Once a muslim family saved him by locking him in a house. During 1948 police action he saved muslim women from being raped by an unruly mob. In 1952 General Elections Kodaati Narayana Rao contested from Ippanagudem of Janagam Taluk with Congress ticket, but due to the popular support for Communist party, he was defeated by the communist leader V.G.Deshpande. After this he never contested in elections. Kodaati Narayana Rao led a very simple life. He did not aspire for any political status or material benefits. He never worked for narrow and selfish benefits and never deviated from his ideals.

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