How Hyderabad State was formed? Formation of Popular Ministry in 1952

How Hyderabad State was formed? Formation of Popular Ministry in 1952?

Include Police Action 1948

1952 Formation of Democratic Government

Nizam’s Hyderabad princely state was emerged as Hyderabad State without any geographical changes.

1st General Elections, in Hyderabad State, were held in February 1952. The parties participated in these elections were: Congress Party, Communist Party, People’s Democratic Front, Peasants and Workers Party, Socialist Party, Scheduled Castes Federation Party.

In these elections, Communist Party won majority of seats in Telangana, Andhra and Madras. Communist Party believed that, if Telangana and Andhra are merged, definitely they can form their Government. With this view Communist Party intensified movement for the formation of Vishaalaandhra.

There were 16 districts in Hyderabad State.

1 Telangana 8 districts 95 MLAs
2 Maraata 5 districts 44 MLAs
3 Kannada 3 districts 36 MLAs
  Total 175 MLAs


Seats won by various parties:

1 Congress Party 93
2 PDF 42
3 Socialist Party 11
4 Workers’ Party 10
5 Scheduled Castes Federation Party 05
6 Independents 14



Boorgula Ramakrishna Rao Ministry

  Boorgula Ramakrishna Rao Chief Minister
  Digambara Rao Bindoo Home Minister
  K. V. Ranga Reddy Excise
  Vinayaka Rao Koratkor Trade and Inustries
  G.S. Melkote Finance
  Mehadi Nawaz Jung Public Works
  Poolchand Gandhi Public Health and
  Marri Chenna Reddy Agriculture and Public distribution
  Anna Rao Ganamukhi Local Administration
  Jagannatha Rao Chandarki Law and Endowments
  Valluri Basava Raju Labour and Rehabilitation
  Shankar Dev Social Welfare
  Devi Singh Chouhan Rural reconstruction


Opposition Party – Peoples Democratic Front.

Opposition Party leader – V.D. Deshpandey (Maratwada).

Speaker – Kashinath Rao Vaidya

Deputy Speaker – Pampanna Gouda

M.K. Vellodi, an ICS officer, was the chief advisor to Boorgula Ramakrishna Rao ministry. From this it is clear that Boorgula Ramakrishna Rao was the CM for name sake. Real power was exercised by Vellodi.

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