History of Modern Telangana Telangana Movement 10 March 2011 – Million March

History of Modern Telangana

Telangana Udhyama Charithra notes in English

Telangana Movement 10 March 2011 – Million March

10 March 2011 – Million March: On 21st February 2011, Students’ JAC gave call of ‘Chalo Assembly’ and Lawyers’ JAC gave call of ‘Chalo Raj Bhavan’. Both the movements became a big success. With the encouragement got from these movements Students’ JAC and Lawyers’ JAC jointly gave a call for another movement named ‘Telangana Jathara’.  As a part of this, on 10th March 2011, they planned to block moments in Hyderabad in the first week of April 2011. The very next day KCR gave call for Million March on Tank Bund, Secunderabad. KCR gave call to all the people of Telangana to participate in Million March. Million March was inspired from the ‘Blockage of Tehrik Chowk junction Cairo, Egypt’. In Egypt Tehrik Chowk junction was blocked for many days, but Million March was pertained to only one day. Without any discussions and consultations with Political JAC, T.R.S. party and K.C.R. individually organized million march. With broad mind all the Political JACs joined hands with KCR to make it a big success.

As there plus2 exams (intermediate exams) were starting from 10th March, parents of students urged to postpone million march. As inter exam was there in forenoon, Political JAC wanted to conduct it from afternoon 1pm to 4pm on 10th March 2011.

Members of People’s New Democratic Party reached Tank Bund by 2 pm. Later members of various JACs, students, members of various political parties reached Tank Bund.

People attacked on MadhuYashki Goud and Keshava Rao who reached Tank Bund to participate in Million March.


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