Hiralal Moria

Hiralal Moria was a great poet, story and novel writer, orator, diplomat, editor and above all great humanist. He fought against the Nizam and also actively participated in National Movement. Though Hindi was his mother tongue, he had great fluency in Telugu, English and Urdu. Moria was born 0n 13th July 1924. He was born with silver spoon in the family of Sri Jagannath Prasad and Srimathi Radha bai. He was the youngest in the family. Moria studied in Khammam High School. When he was hardly 13 or 14 by that Nizam government imposed 17 cases on him. This shows how much national fervor was there in his heart. At that time, Gandhi was in full swing in the national movement. His family atmosphere also instilled in him the patriotism. Moria`s family organized some open meetings in Khammam and Warangal and invited Sardar Jamalapuram Keshava Rao, Swami Ramananda Theertha to address the people. During the Hyderabad liberation movement (1947-48) Moria roamed with famous Quit India Movement leader and Socialist leader Mrs. Aruna Asaf Ali in Hyderabad. Hiralal Moria organised public meetings, camps to fight with arms against Nizam, encouraged youth to participate in library movement and thus he made them ready to participate in freedom movement. He had close contacts with Dr. Dasharathi, T. Hayagrivachari, Gella Keshava rao, Bommakanti Sathyanarayana, Rayapudi Narayana Rao, Sheelam Sidha Reddy, Jalagam Vengal Rao. In 1942 itself he worked as Khammam district National Youth Congress Secretary and actively participated in youth movements. He worked as an editor to a news paper named ‘Sandesh’ and represented so many problems faced by common people. He also published a fortnight news paper ‘Maa bhoomi’. Moria was imprisoned for participating in freedom movement. Government imposed so many cases on him and awarded 15 years rigorous imprisonment. He spent some time in Warangal and Khammam jails and was released after the police action. He worked for the development of Hindi language in Khammam district. He was secretary for ‘Dakshin Bharathiya Hindi Prachara Sabha’. He also acted as the ‘President of Khammam District Journalists Association’ and he also contributed so many articles for Telugu, Hindi, English, Urdu news papers. He acted as the president of ‘Anjuman Tarakki Urdu’ Khammam district branch, and did yeomen service for the development of Urdu language. Moria established a cultural association named ‘Bharath Sahithya Kala Parishad’ and undertook so many literary and cultural activities. Six years form 1964; he was member of legislative council at the same time he also worked as the ‘Assurance Committee’ member. In both the jobs he was proved competent. He took special interest in labour and scheduled castes and tribe problems. Moria wrote about 350 stories, 6 novels, so many articles on various issues and fore word for many books were in his credit. State government honoured Sri Moria for his service to literary and cultural field. Moria worked as the member of Andhra Pradesh Sahithya Academy for ten years. He translated Gurajada Apparao’s biography into Urdu. For ten years he acted as the ‘Khammam District Labrary Association’ President and at the same time he was the member of ‘State Library Committee’. Moria wrote over hundred Udru books but not even 1/3 of them got published. · He translated Ramayan (1000 pages) into Urdu, but 1/3rd of the book is published. He won Uttar Pradesh Sahithya Academy award for this work. · He wrote a mammoth book on ‘National Integrity’. · Maqdum Moinuddin Biography. · Brief biographies of 200 Muslim Patriots. ‘Swathanthra Udhyamam naati sanghatanalu, gnaapakaalu’. (Incidents and Memories of Freedom Movement ) He got translated almost every Urdu books of him into Telugu, Hindi and English. He established an association in memory of famous patriot Sardar Jamalapuram Keshava Rao and published so many books from that association. Hiralal Moria was one of the founders of ‘Telangana Writers Association’ (Telangana Rachayithala Sangham). Famous Telugu poets like Dr. Dhasharathi, C.Narayana Reddy(CiNaRe), Vattikota Alvaru Swami, Talluri Ramanuja Swami, Eetukuru Rangarao, M.L. Narasimha Rao, Kivi Raaja Murthi Mudi Raaju Rangarao, Pullabotla Venkateshwarlu, Raavella Venkata Ramarao, Kaumudi, Kolipaaka Madhusudhana Rao were his close associates. Hiralal Moria believed that only Socialism and Secularism can keep the country on the path of Development. He spent every pie of his earnings for the development of the nation, literature and culture and every second of his life for the welfare of the country.

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