Haryanka Dynasty

Haryanka Dynasty

Haryanka Dynasty : Originally founded in 566 BC by the grandfather of Bimbisara, but actual
foundation by Bimbisara.Rulers of Haryanka Dynasty

Bimbisara | Bimbisaara
King of Haryanka dynasty that existed in Magadha area.
Bimbisara ruled Magadha from 544 BC to 492 BC.
Bimbisara is considered as the actual founder of Haryanka dynasty.
Bimbisara was the contemporary of Lord Buddha.
Bimbisara’s son was Ajathashathru.
Bimbisara’s early capital was Rajgir / Rajagriha / Girivraja. This capital was surrounded by 5 hills and the fort wall surrounded by stone walls on all the side.
He was killed by his son Ajathashathru. This is the first incident of patricide in the history of India.


Udayin was the ruler of Haryanka dynasty that ruled Magadha area.
Udayin ruled from 460 B.C. to 444 B.C.
Udayin was the founder of new capital Pataliputra, situated at the confluence of the Ganga and Soan.
Udayin was the son of Ajathashathru and grandson of Bimbisara.



Ajathashathru was the ruler of Haryanka dynasty.
Ajathashthru was the son of Bimbisara.
Ajathashathru ruled from 492 BC to 460 BC.
To capture throne he killed his own father. First incident of patricide in India.
Ajathashathru was the contemporary of Buddha. Buddha died during his reign.
Ajathashathru convened the 1st Buddhist council in Rajagriha.
Ajathashathru was succeeded by his son Udayin.


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