Give an account of Arya Samaj’s role in bringing about socio political awareness in Hyderabad state

Give an account of Arya Samaj’s role in bringing about socio political awareness in Hyderabad state?

Arya Samaj in Hyderabad

Arya Samaj was established by Swami Dayananda Saraswathi on 7 April 1875, in Bombay. Dayananda Saraswathi wanted to reconstruct the Indian society on the lines of Vedas.

Providing proper assistance to widows, Shuddi Movement, helping the people during natural calamities, strengthening of Hinduism were the principal activities of Arya Samaj.

DAV schools are associated with Arya Samaj.

Swami Dayananda doubted the authenticity of the Puranas. He held that Vedas are the ultimate source to know about Hinduism. “Go back to Vedas” is his popular slogan.

Arya Samaj in Hyderabad

A branch of Arya Samaj was established in Hyderabad State in the year 1890 at Dharur in Beed district of Hyderabad state.

In 1892, Arya Samaj Mandir was started in Residency Bazar / Sultan Bazar. First president of Hyderabad Arya Samaj branch was Kamala Prasad Ji Mishra.

Arya Samaj runs according to ‘Sathyartha Prakashika’, the books authored by Swami Dayananda Saraswathi. Sathyartha Prakashika was translated into Telugu in the year 1921. Major part of Sathyartha Prakashika was translated by Aadipudi Somanatha Rao, reaming part was translated by Raja Ratnamaachaari.

Through his powerful speeches, Swami Nithyananda Saraswathi, favourite disciple of Swami Dayananda Saraswathi, strengthened Arya Samaj in Hyderabad.

In 1895, for the first time Ganesh festival was celebrated at Shaalibanda and Chadar Ghat in Hyderabad state.

Arya Samaj encouraged the Hindus who were converted to Islam and Christianity to get back to Hinduism. For this purpose Arya Samaj started Shuddi Movement.

Arya Samaj used to help common people during natural calamities. Due to Musi floods of September 1908, thousands of people became homeless. Arya Samaj provided them with shelter and food.

Arya Samaj and Hyderabad Politics

Though Arya Samaj was a religious and social reform organisation, it also played a key role in the politics of Hyderabad State. Arya Samaj and Hindu Maha Sabha influence caused communal riots in Dhoolpet of Hyderabad state in 1938. It worked on communal lines and united Hindus against Nizam. When Hyderabad State Congress, Arya Samaj and Hindu Mahasabha were fighting against Nizam, INC and Gandhi did not show solidarity to the activities of Arya Samaj.

On 4 December 1947 Narayana Rao Pawar, member of Kranthikar Dal, a militant wing of Arya Samaj, made an unsuccessful attempt to assassinate HEH Mir Osman Ali Khan near King Koti.

Arya Samaj worked on communal lines. It could give solace to some people but on the whole it disturbed the amicable relation of Hindus and Muslims in Hyderabad state. It counted on only Hindus and did not win the confidence of Muslims of Hyderabad state in fight against Nizam.


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