Give a detailed account of activism of press in Hyderabad State?

Give a detailed account of activism of press in Hyderabad State?

In the early 19th century, Captain Seydenham, a Brithish Resident presented Nizam Mir Osman Ali Khan a printing machine. When East India Company knew about it, it ordered him to take it back. Nizam was not sure about its best use, he allowed Seydenham to make use of it. During the prime minister ship of Vikar ul Umra, vernacular journal were started to be published.

During the early days, middle class and few enthusiasts issued journals. There were about 20 Urdu journals during those days. Many journals were forced to close due to lack of funds.

Slowly Nizam developed a mechanism to regulate press. Before issuing permission,

Jawabit ul aksar was started in 1883 C.E. It is one among the earliest news papers in India.

Risalat abbi (1859) – It is a medical journal from Hyderabad.

Deccan Times (1864) was the first English News Paper from Hyderabad.

Hyderabad Telegraphy 1882 was an English News paper from Hyderabad State.

The Hyderabad Record (1885)

Sedya chandrika (1886) – Translated version of a Urdu News paper. It used to introduce latest technological advancements and farming technique in agriculture.

Deccan Standard (1889) – English News paper published form Hyderabad.

Maulim e Nishan (1892) – Moulvi Saheb Hussain started publishing it from 1892 C.E. It spoke about the reformation among Muslim women.

Samyuktha Sangha Varthamani (1909) – It was published from Madhira. It was intended for propagation of Christianity.

Hitabodhini (1913) – It is the first full pledged Telugu news paper from Telangana. It was published from Mahabubnagar by Bandaru Srinivas Sharma.

Andhra Maata (1917) – It was published from Gowliguda on behalf of Theosophical Society by Swamy Venkata Rao.

Nilagiri Pathrika (1922) – Shabnavis Venkata Narasimha Rao was the editor of this news paper. It was published from Nalgonda.

Tenugu Pathrika (1922) – This news paper was published from Inugurthi village of Warangal district by Oddiraju Sitaramachandra Rao and Oddiraju Raghava Ranga Rao brothers.

Golconda Pathrika (1925) – It is a Telangana Revolutionary news paper. It was published on every Wednesday and Saturday. Suravaram Prathapa Reddy was the editor Golconda Pathrika. Suravaram Prathapa Reddy and Madapati Hanumantharao combinely named this news paper as Golconda Pathrika.

Desha Bandhu Pathrika (1926) – It was published from Vaddepally village, near Makti of present day Medchal district. Bellampalli Narsimhacharyulu was the editor of this news paper.

Rayyath (1927) – It is a Urdu news paper. Mandumula Narsinga Rao was the editor of this news paper.

Kakatiya Newspaper (1944) – Pamulaparthi Sadashivarao and his friends published this news paper.

Meejan (1941) – Meejan means scale. (Thraasu in Telugu). A Nationalist named Gulam Muhammad of Kolkata was the publisher of this news paper.

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