Give a brief account of Shanthamoola I

Give a brief account of Shanthamoola I

Vasistee puthra Shantha Moola          ruled from 220 A.D. to 233 A.D.

He was the founder of independent Ekswaka dynasty.

Vasistee puthra Shantha Moola’s title was ‘Mahaaraaja’.

With the help of Pugiyas and Hiranyakas Vasistee puthra Shantha moola dethroned Satavahana king Pulomavi IV and established independed Ekshawaka kingdoms.

Telangana, Coastal Andhra regions were parts of his kingdom.

His inscriptions are found at Rentala and Keshanapalli.

Nagarjuna Konda inscriptions – by Veera purusha Datta.  S/o VP Shantha moola.

Eulogical inscription about VP Shantha moola. In this inscription VP Shantha moola is praised as “Aveka go hala shatha sahastra pada isha” – means the one who donated lakhs of gold coins, thousands of cows, oxen, ploughs and land.

On Shanthamoola’s memorial pillar, Shanthamoola is seen performing Angnisthoma sacrament, tonsured, and wearing a deer skin, with a staff in his hand and without foot wear. One servant is seen holding a water bowl.  One of the 5 Brahmins is accepting donation with his right hand.

Harmyasri and Shanthi sri are the sisters of Shanthamoola. Both praised his greatness in their inscriptions.

Shanthamoola performed Ashwmedha, Agnishtoma, Agnihotra, and Vajapeya sacrifices. In Nagarjuna konda excavations Ashwamedha fire altar was discovered.

Matrimonial alliances with Poogiya and Dhanika dynasties.

Shanthisri married Maha Skandasri of Poogiya dynasty. Maha Skandasri was mahatalavara, Maha Senapathi.

Skanda Sagara was the son of Shanthisri and Maha Skandasri.

Shanthisri titles – 1. Mahathalavarini, Mahaadaanapathni.

Adavi Shanthisri – D/o Vaashistee puthra Shanthamoola.

Adavi Shanthisri married Skanda Vishakha Naga of Dhanika dynasty.

Skanda Vishakha Naga was Mahasenapathi, Mahaa dandanaayaka.

Shaanthamoola was the follower of Vedic religion.

According to inscriptions he worshipped Ujjain Maha Skanda Karthikeya (Mahaa Sena).

Shanthi sri and Harmyasri followed Buddhism.

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