Details about Amaravathi Sthupa

Details about Amaravathi Sthupa

Sthoopas are three types.

The monuments constructed on the relics of Buddha are called Sthupas. Sthupa is a semi spherical structure.

Colin Mackenzie discovered Amaravthi Sthupa in 1797. It is a brick construction. It is of 43ft circumference and 100ft height. It has 4 entrances on four sides in different directions. We can see 5 pillars at each entrance, on the dais. Five important events of Buddha are depicted on this sthupa.  We can see Elephant and Lotus (which symbolizes the birth of Buddha), Horse (as symbol of Buddha’s Great Renunciation), Bodhi tree, (symbol of Buddha’s enlightenment), 8 Spokes Wheel (as a symbol of Buddha’s first sermon), and Sthupa, (symbolises Buddha’s leaving his body).

Amaravathi sthupa is the most important one among Buddhist sthupas in India.

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