BA 1st year CDE History question paper October 2020

FACULTY OF SOCIAL SCIENCES                            Code No. 14215

B.A. I – Year (CDE) Examination, October 2020 Subject : History

Paper – III : History and Modern World A.D. 1453-1945 CE


Note : This paper will be evaluated for 100 marks for the candidates not having

Internal Assignment.

Time :  2 Hours                                                                                                Max. Marks : 80



Note: Answer any four questions.                                                    (4×5=20 Marks)

  1. Renaissance in Italy
  2. Counter Reformation
  3. Napoleon Continental System
  4. Revolution of 1848
  5. Feudalism
  6. Meiji Reforms
  7. Treaty of Versailles
  8. Adolf Hitler


Note: Answer any three questions.                                                    (3×20=60 Marks)


9. Write about the importance of Geographical Discoveries

10. Trace the causes for emergence of nation States in Europe

11. Explain the causes and results of French Revolution.

12.  Estimate the role of Lenin in the Russian Revolution.

13. Discuss the causes and impact of Industrial Revolution.

14. Describe the different stages in Unification of Italy.

15. Explain the causes for the failure of League of Nation.

16. Write an essay on Fascism in Italy.

17. Critically examine the causes for the Second World War.

18. Describe the aims and structure of the UNO.







Code No. 14215/T


B.A III-Year (CDE) Examination, September / October 2020 SUBJECT : HISTORY

Paper – III : (History and Modern World A.D. 1453 – 1945 CE)

Time : 2 Hours                                                                                                             Max Marks :80

Note: This paper will be evaluated for 100 marks for the candidates not having Internal Assignment

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