Assertion of Mulki Identity and the City College Incident 1952

Assertion of Mulki Identity and the City College Incident 1952

Mulki Rights and City College Incident 1952

To escape from the tyrannical rule of Nizam, people of Hyderabad State, welcomed Indian Army for Police Action.

Between the operation Polo and General elections (1948-1952) so many Andhra region people came to Hyderabad and joined in Government Jobs. The Andhrites were under the direct British rule since so long. Due to that reason trained Andhra people were appointed in Telangana jobs. Immediately the Andhra people brought their relatives to Telanagana and were successful in getting jobs for them. Some set up business. The Andhra people who settled here started humiliating the Urdu mixed Telangana Telugu. They considered themselves as cultured and Telanganites as barbarians. They posed as they came to educate and reform the Telangana people. They violated Mulki law with the fake Mulki certificates. Andhra people encouraged bribing. Before their intruding there were no signs of bribery.

The Tamil and Andhra officers who came from Madras State caused problems to Hydarabadis with their weird behavior. To get rid of the corrupt officers, Madras Government sent them to Hyderabad State.

In Hyderabad State Boorgula Ramakrishna Rao democratic Govt. was formed. Newly established government did not take proper measures to control the infestation of non local officials. In fact the new government supported the non mulkis illegal activities. This caused a sense of insecurity in the locals.


Mulki  Mov. In Warangal

Students of Warangal stated this movement and Students demanded the rules and regulations for issuing the Mulki certificate, cancellation of fake Mulki certificates and issuing of Mulki certificates after proper verification and proofs.

Those demands were put in a form of resolution and were announced the congress municipal councilar A. Buchchaiah. On August 7, Khammam students also agitated against the non Mulkis.

Paartha Saaradhai, Divisional inspector of Schools in Warangal, transferred 180 teachers from Warangal and filled the places with non local teachers. Local students started condemning this through agitations.

26 July 1952, a Student’s JAC was formed.

26 July 1952 – Shendarkar, Deputy Director of Education, came to Warangal.

26 July 1952 – Students organied a rally from Hanmakonda Cross Roads to Subedari.


Students JAC (2) – 28 July 1952

A new Students JAC was formed on 28 July 1952. Student’s JAC consisted of a representative from every school and college. Buchhaiah, a student, was elected as the convener of student JAC. Student JAC made a resolution to agitate against non mulki employees.

RaamaChari who was a minister of Layak Ali council of ministers, started ‘Hyderabad Hitha Rakshana Samithi’ and gave the slogan ‘Gair Mulki Go back’ (Non locals Go back).

In warangal Hayagriva chaari gave full support to this movement. Hyderabad and other places students also joined hands with the Anti non Mulkis.

Keshavarao Jadav led the Hyderabad anti non Mulki movement.


Mulki Movement in Hyderabad

31 August 1952 – To resent against the lathi charge against the students of Hanmakonda, Hyderabad students organized a strike in Hyderabad.

31 August 1952 – Students organized a huge rally from Saifabad College to Abids.

1 September 1952 – As it was a day of Bakrid festival students did not organize any strike or rally.

Shiva Kumar Lal, Hyderabad Police Commissioner, warned the parents not to allow their kids to participate in violent activities.

2 September 1952 – Students agitated in large number with the slogans “Non Mulki go back”, “Idli Sambar ghar ko javo”, “Student’s Union Zindabad”.

Students from all school and college from Hyderabad and Secunderabad, participated in the protests from 30 August to 2 September 1952.

3 September 1952 – Shivakumar Lal issued orders prohibiting agitations. The leaders could not control the anger of students of city college. Konda Lakshman Bapuji tried his level best to control the students, but failed. Police opened fire on the Mulki Agitators at City college and Pattarghat.

According to Justice Pingali and Jagan Mohan Reddy report, two persons were killed in this incident.

4 September 1952 – Students agitated demanding to handover the dead bodies. Again police opened fire and killed four agitators.

In the September 3rd and 4th incidents, 147 students and 104 police were wounded.

Boorgula Ramakrishna Rao, the then Chief Minister of Hyderabad State, himself entered into the scene and tried to control the students. Inspite of his request, students did not stop agitating.

V.D. Desh Pandey (Communist Party)                      Onkar Prasad (Communist Party)

Dr. Jaya Surya Nayudu (s/o Sarojini Nayudu)           Padmaja Nayudu (d/o Sarojini Nayudu)

Sri Dange                                                                    Dr. Melkote

Bakr Ali Mirza                                                            Venkata Swami tried to pacify the students.


Burgula Ramakrishna Rao and Swami Ramananda Theertha gave statements in favour of Non Mulkis.


On September 3, this movement took a violent turn. Police fired on the peaceful agitators, as a result two students were killed and many others got injured. Students retaliated by burning the police stations. It led to curfew. Jaya shanker participated in this movement as a student. Kaloji announced his support to the movement. Total 18 people were succumbed to rifle shots and hundreds of people injured. Government arrested and tortured about 350 persons including students and many editors and reporter. Thus government forcefully suppressed the movement.

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