Andhra Mahila Sabha and Women’s Movement

Andhra Mahila Sabha and Women’s Movement

Ans: Andhra Mahaila Sabha was started in 1930. It was continued as a women’s wing of Andhra Maha Sabha which was also started in 1930. Andhra Mahila Sabha is a reformist organisastion, women;s devolemt as its sole aim. Though Andhra Maha Sabha’s purpose was reformation for the emancipation of women, it also actively participated in freedom movement.

In the social backdrop in which Ourdah was a must for upper caste and middle class women, Andhra Mahila Sabha was a platform allowed women to speak in a public platform for women’s rights. It was a daring act during those days which earned the anger of some conservative men. In-spite of all such obstacles Andhra Mahila Sabha continued very strong an achieved its aim.

Nadimpalli Sundaramma, Tanguturi Varalakhmamma, Yellapragada Sithakumari, Madapati Manikyamba, Burgula Ananta Lakshmi Devi, Nandagiri Indira Devi, Yogyasheela Devi and Rangamma Obul Reddy were some of the prominist leaders of Andhra Mahila Sabha.

Andhra Mahila Sabha took several resolutions about women welfare and women’s education and sent petitions to Nizam.

Andhra Mahila Sabha and Andhra Maha Sabha used same pandals and meeting grounds.

1st Conference of Andhra Maha Sabha was held at Jogipeta.

2nd Conference of Andhra Mahasabha was held at Devarakonda. T. Varalakshmi was the president of this conference. Though she was a Brahmin widow, denounced purdah and remarried she daringly delivered presidential address. They discussed about women’s education, status of women, evil customs like Devadasi system etc. T. Varalkshmi called for remarriages among Kalavanthula caste women.


3rd Conference of Andhra Mahasabha was held at Khammam. Yellapragada Sitha Kumari was the president of third conference of Andhra Maha Sabha. In this conference they discussed about the ban of child marriages. During this conference a conflict took place between the reformists and superstitious people who brandd themselves as the protectors of Hindu Dharma.

4th Conference of Andhra Mahasabha was held at Sircilla in 1935. Madapati Manikyammma was the president of 4th conference of Andhra Maha Sabha.

5th Conference of Andhra Mahasabha was held in 1935 in Shadnagar. Burgula Anantha Lakshmi was the president of 5th conference of Andhra Mahasabha.  Resolutions regarding women’s succession rights, right of the children of inter caste married couples, abolition of child marriages, abolition of untochability, rights of peasants at Jagir were taken and petitions were sent to Nizam for reforms.

6th Conference of Andhra Mahasabha was held in Nizamabad in the year 1937. Resolutions were passed for constitutional reforms. Srmt. Carnilious, Srmt. Nandi were members of this conference.

Nizam government issued a farman allowing widow remarriages. This may be the first farman of the social reforms in Nizam state.

In 1940, 8th Andhra Mahila Sabha conference was held in Chilkur. Rangamma Obul Reddy spoke against Purdah system and child marriages.

Pulijala Kamala Bai emphasized that women’s movements should be led by women only.

7th Conference of Andhra Mahasabha.


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